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Music Savvy is the skill anyone can develop to play to their full potential. What is your potential? Let's find out here through my published books, eBooks, courses, online events, and videos. Your journey will be one of opening up your ears to the music inside your imagination and getting it to flow from your instrument.


I am a Grammy-nominated trombonist, writer, electronic musician, entrepreneur, and Dad to two fascinating teenage boys.


I am forever curious and love to share what I've learned in order to help musicians. My passion is to guide musicians in how to think better about improvisation and the ability to connect their creative musical voice to their instrument, no matter which instrument they play.


The secret I share in my books, videos, courses, and talks is that the music is already inside you. Amplify it through your instrument by getting out of its way. If your improvising or musicianship is not all you wish it were, it's likely because you've been convinced that the music originates in your instrument or can somehow be manufactured through your analytical reasoning.


The music inside you will flow from your instrument once you confidently connect your instrument to your musical mind. THAT'S where your music originates and THAT's your state of flow. I've helped many musicians get much closer to that and I can probably help you. 


for developing your instrumental & improvisation skills




Intuitively play the alto trombone through this combination or ear-focused and written method. 

Trombone Improvisation Savvy

Strengthen the connection between your ear and the trombone to improvise

with effortless melodic flow.

Jazz Ear


for all instruments

Strengthen the connection between your musical mind's ear and your instrument - any instrument

Rhythm Savvy

for C and bass clef instruments


Sharpen your sense of time and rhythm for developing your improvisation, groove, and sense of melodic phrasing


Specialized skill development for improvisational excellence

Jazz Patterns for Ear

C, Bb, Eb, and bass clef

Play these progressively challenging short etudes over the accompanying rhythm tracks and hear how your ear improves for improvisation.  

10 Essential Tips

By Richie Beirach

Learn how to become a proficient jazz player and composer of any instrument with this lightly edited transcript of a conversation on the most important topics of jazz mastery by Richie Beirach 

The Brain-Friendly Method for Musical Excellence


The REAL instrument you play is between your ears. Learn how best to accommodate your brain so that it retains learning and allows you to make the most of that other instrument you play.

Piano Comping


No matter what instrument you play, you should be skilled in basic comping. Learn 2, 3, and 4 note right hand voicings.

What Musicians Say About my Products

"You gave me a road map for how to bring my voice to life! I'm excited to give birth to the music I've always wanted to create"

Paul A.

Boston, MA

"I couldn't have improvised as I do now, even 60 days ago, without your materials. I firmly believe you're reinventing how people learn to improvise."

Rodney B.

Smith River, CA

"Since I've been working on my ear with your materials, I noticed also that I am hearing things in music that I am listening to that I didn't hear before. I didn't expect that!"

Charles N.

Bullhead City, Arizona

"Your video was most helpful and so well made. You have really explained how to improvise in just a few small steps for a novice."

Tony B.

Sydney, Australia

"I find your work endlessly fascinating. As a fellow teacher, I'm moved by your passion, skill, and enthusiasm as a teacher."

Dale R.

Asheville, NC

"Your books and videos are crystal clear, practical, and valuable. They are like vitamins for building musical skills!"


Martin S.

New York, NY

"My aural listening skills have improved drastically even after the short period I have had your book, Trombone Improvisation Savvy." 

James P.

Rockford, IL

"What your exercises are doing is increasing my ear to instrument reaction time. This is really exciting for me!"

Sharilynn H.

Ocala, FL


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